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Will We Have to Work Forever? (US)

08 august 2011
  • Today, the average retirement age is 63. If people continue to retire at 63, they are going to face a severe decline in living standards at retirement for a number of reasons.

Why Have Defined Benefit Plans Survived in the Public Sector (US)?

04 juli 2011
  • While 401(k) plans now dominate the private sector, defined benefit plans remain the norm among state and local governments. Why have public sector employers not shifted from defined benefit plans to 401(k)s like their private sector counterparts?

Why Have Some States (US) Introduced Defined Contribution Plans?

04 juli 2011
  • Although defined benefit plans dominate the state and local sector, in the last decade twelve states have introduced some form of defined contribution plan.

Workers' Response to the Market Crash: Save More, Work More?

27 april 2011
  • The stock market crash of 2008 significantly dimmed the retirement prospects of workers approaching retirement. These workers are heavily dependent on 401(k) plans, as opposed to traditional defined benefit pensions, as a source of retirement income.