The Pensions Primer: a guide to the UK pensions system

torsdag, 03 desember 2015

This document is intended to provide a description of the UK pensions system for the purposes of considering pensions policy.This guide primarily reflects the current position of the UK pension system as at 24 June 2015.

Any changes in Government policy that may have occurred after that day have not been included in this version.The Pensions Act 2014, which received Royal Assent in May 2014, will have a major impact on the future pension system in the UK as it includes farreaching changes, such as the introduction of a New State Pension. This paper sets out these changes in boxes.

This guide uses a box format to explain changes that have been legislated for in Acts of Parliament but are not yet applicable. Boxes are also used for areas in which the Coalition Government has announced a change in policy that has yet to be enacted by Parliament, or areas in which it is consulting on future policy changes.