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The Changing Landscape of Retirement

Theoretical Perspectives on the Role of Retirement Transition in Socioeconomic Stratification at Older Ages

Retirement transition plays a key role in social stratification structures in later life. On the one hand, the retirement process is embedded in social structures, and the pre-retirement position influences the form of exit individuals can follow. On the other hand, the quality of the retirement transition affects an individual's post-retirement position. This article explore the role of retirement transition for the socioeconomic structure in later life. 

14. april 2023

In recent decades, we have observed a drift away from the classic model of retirement, considered as a sharp and irreversible entry to a static "end of life" period, during which socioeconomic inequalities are levelled down by welfare redistribution. The authors argue that with the increasing diversity of late-life careers, the stratificational role of retirement is increasing and the unified reforms can stimulate the development of inequalities and exclusions.