Working career and income of part-time pensioners in Finland

fredag, 04 juli 2014

This report primarily examines part-time pension recipients who retired between the years 2005–2009. The report is based on register data, through which, for the first time, it is now possible to comprehensively take into account all earnings that accrue statutory pension.

In the course of the review it was discovered that persons retiring on a part-time pension have a clearly better income level than their peers. The pre-retirement earnings of those retiring on a part-time pension between 2005–2009 were approximately 30 per cent higher than that of their peers. The pension level has also increased over the years 2005–2009.

Persons retiring on a part-time pension between 2005–2009 have had careers of equal length or longer than their peers. The career length and higher income explain the increase in pension level. The income of persons transferring from full-time work to part-time pension does not decrease significantly, as salary from part-time work together with the part-time pension cover approximately 90 per cent of the income received from full-time work. The part-time pension usually ends in old-age pension.