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 Meeting the Migrant Pension Challenge in China
Meeting the Migrant Pension Challenge in China

21 juli 2014
  • China is currently undergoing the largest regional migration in the world’s history. Young rural workers are moving to urban areas, often in a different province, for substantial periods of their working lives. Social security policy in China, while framed by national protocols and policy guidelines, is administered at more than 2000 lower-level jurisdictions, typically cities and counties, and at present this compromises pension entitlements of China’s 150 million rural migrant workers.

China's Pension System: A Vision

05 mai 2014
  • China is at a critical juncture in its economic transition. A comprehensive reform of its pension and social security systems is an essential element of a strategy aimed toward achieving a harmonious society and sustainable development.

Rural Pension, Income Inequality and Family Transfer in China

03 april 2014
  • China’s new Rural Pension scheme, announced in October 2009, is destined to be the world’s largest, at least in terms of membership. By the time it is fully implemented, in 2012, it will comprise some 600 million members, with about 105 million receiving benefits at that time.