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Total pension in Finland 2024. How are earnings-related pensions, national pensions and taxation determined?

20 mars 2024
  • The amount of the net take-home pension is affected by how earnings-related and national pension benefits and the taxation of pensions are determined. This report provides an overview of how these factors have been determined for 2024.

Torunn Bragstad

fredag, 01 mars 2024

The effects of an increase in the retirement age on health care costs: evidence from administrative data

30 november 2023
  • The paper use unique health record data that cover outpatient care and the associated costs to quantify the health care costs of a sizable increase in the retirement age in Germany.

The Impact of Health on Labor Supply near Retirement

30 november 2023
  • Estimates of how health affects employment vary considerably. The authors assess how different methods and health measures impact estimates of the impact of health on employment using a unified framework for the United States and England.

The 2023 France Pension Reform

30 november 2023
  • Pension reform is never easy but in some countries it seems to be particularly difficult. Over the past months, France saw widespread protests against planned reforms, in particular against the increase of the retirement age from 62 to 64 years. To many outside observers this does not seem like a particularly radical reform, given that many OECD countries are on the way to reaching a pension age beyond 65.

Tale Hellevik

fredag, 16 juni 2023

Trends in pension saving among the long-term self-employed

14 april 2023
  • The number of self-employed workers has been rising rapidly in the UK in recent decades. At the same time, private pension participation among this group has fallen sharply, leading to increasing concern among policymakers about the preparedness for retirement of self-employed workers. This report documents and analyses private pension saving using administrative data that follows the UK self-employed population over the decade from 2005–06 to 2014–15. 

The Changing Landscape of Retirement
The Changing Landscape of Retirement

14 april 2023
  • Theoretical Perspectives on the Role of Retirement Transition in Socioeconomic Stratification at Older Ages

    Retirement transition plays a key role in social stratification structures in later life. On the one hand, the retirement process is embedded in social structures, and the pre-retirement position influences the form of exit individuals can follow. On the other hand, the quality of the retirement transition affects an individual's post-retirement position. This article explore the role of retirement transition for the socioeconomic structure in later life. 

Trust in pension funds, or the importance of being financially sound

23 mars 2023
  • Is the trust that participants have in their pension fund affected by its funding ratio (i.e., asset/liabilities ratio)? Based on survey, carried out in October 2021, among Dutch pension fund participants we link our survey data to the funding ratio of their pension fund as registered by the pension regulator.

The effect of pension wealth on employment
The effect of pension wealth on employment

09 januar 2023
  • This study provides novel evidence about the pension wealth elasticity of employment. For the identification we exploit reform-induced variation of pension wealth that is related to the number of children but which does not affect the implicit tax rate of employment.

Trust and Distrust in Pension Institutions in Times of Decline and Reform
Trust and Distrust in Pension Institutions in Times of Decline and Reform

24 oktober 2022
  • Participants’ trust in pension intstitutions (pension funds and government) is crucial because pension providers try to fulfil their pension promises in a fundamentally uncertain world. Therefore, buffers are necessary to cover shocks, like the Great Recession, in order to make good on those promises.

Tove Midtsundstad

fredag, 30 september 2022
  • Hvorfor tar de ut pensjon så tidlig –og hva brukes pengene på?
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